Tips On Negotiating For Your Reception Hall

4 Important Negotiation Strategies

to Use While Booking a Reception Hall

If you are planning to book a reception hall and looking for ways to negotiate prices for the same then details we will be providing in the following sections we will quite helpful for you. We will be covering topics such as vendor negotiations, importance of proper research and several other crucial details which will help you negotiate to get the best deal.

Booking a Reception Hall and Negotiation Strategies to Use

Windsor reception hallsYou target should be to negotiate to:

  • Get a specific percentage as discount from overall cost.
  • Remove one or more items from the package for lowering the price.
  • Make some substitutions in your package to avail a better deal (as for instance, have fewer drinks to have more food).

Negotiate with Vendors – Hire a Planner – Understand Why & When – Perform Research

Vendor Negotiations


Vendors are always on the look out for opportunities of creating a portfolio which includes coverage of events at different venues. As such if you have selected a hall from one of the very special Windsor reception halls then it would work in your favor. Many of the vendors (such as photographers) will be willing to negotiate their prices to utilize this chance of expanding their portfolio.

Publication in Media Outlets

If you allow your reception to be published in different media outlets then it would help you negotiate better prices with your vendors. Vendors make use of media outlets to promote their work. 

Accordingly, being able to provide reference of your reception will be a opportunity they will not like to miss and would be prepared to offer you better rates.

Wedding Reception Planner

Hiring a planner can be quite useful for you. Many vendors work on regular basis with their preferred planners and as such are always ready to offer more concession to them since planners provide them regular work.

Why and When

You need to have clear understanding of when and why Windsor reception halls will be prepared to negotiate. As for example, a reception held on Saturday in peak season will always get booked easily and the venue will be reluctant to negotiate on anything. On the other hand, the reception hall will be willing to negotiate on prices during off season and weekdays. You may have to pay significantly less for receptions planned for late autumn or early springs while the opposite will be true if the reception is scheduled mid summer or on any special day (such as Valentine's Day).

Proper Research

You should visit multiple Windsor reception halls to check the price they are quoting and services on offer. 

Substitution: During discussions with the halls you need to ask whether it will be possible to substitute some of the services which are part of the package. As for example, will they be ready to offer room hire and remove in-house catering from the package? This way you will be able to bring down the package cost as well as save on catering by hiring outside caterer for a price which is lower than catering charges offered by the reception hall.

Source of Revenue: Additionally, you need to check the primary source of revenue for the reception hall and whether they will allow you to make arrangement for other aspects yourself. As for instance, if a reception hall is operated by a company with catering as its primary business with corkage and food main sources of revenue then you need to ask if you will be allowed to utilize outside vendors for flowers, music and decor. Most of the time reception halls will agree to such requests.


To conclude we can say that negotiating in the right manner can certainly be useful for you and help bring down expenditure you have to make on booking the hall and vendor services.

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