Chavez Sr. Wants to Keep His Son Committing the same Mistake

A father sees mistakes and if he wants the best for his son, he will do anything to gather data and learn from experience. Way back 2012, Chavez Jr. was successful in defending his middleweight WBC belt; a titled fight against Martinez in Las Vegas’ Thomas and Mark Center. With his father Chavez Sr. closely watching his son fight, he promised to himself that this coming May 8 bout with Canelo will be different and mistakes made from Chavez Jr.’s previous fight will definitely be avoided.

Everything took place in the camp as Chavez Jr. was able to make the cut and weight which others consider it incredible.

Avid fans, ringside commentators and others see Chavez Jr. to slow and less agile during his previous fights and the most significant one was with Martinez. First 11 rounds of the fight was clearly dominated by Martinez as Chavez Jr. struggles to have his opponent’s knee on the canvas. In a shocking turnaround of events during the 12th round, Chavez Jr. was able to pull off a phenomenon punch to Martinez dropping him on the floor and hurting him badly as well. Boxing fans especially the Mexicans went crazy, and on the same page, it was Chavez Jr.’s all out energy as he can no longer finish off Martinez with a statement.

It was indeed victorious for Chavez Jr.’s camp as they came to a success in defeating Martinez however there was one big mistake that Chavez Jr. committed. It was an unfortunate event that the victor was positive on marijuana. His father (Chavez Sr.) was devastated to hear the news and understood that his son needs to pay the price being suspended in the ring and paid fines for the offense. A reckless action committed by his son that he wished that he had done something about it.

You can now start buying Canelo vs Chavez tickets online as it was out first week of February 2017. 

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