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Does Article Marketing Still Work?

Article marketing is the best way to build great backlinks quickly and to gain awareness of your website within just a few hours of submitting your article to thousands of networks at the push of a button. If you are looking to drive lots of traffic to your website or create a buzz for your clients this is the way to do it.

The only way to do this quickly and effectively is to use an automated solution otherwise it would take you years to manually submit your articles to the thousands of directories available.

When writing articles for clients always ask them for the topic they would like you to write about and then you can do the usual keyword research for them to find some good keyword phrases to rank for. A good measure of a keyword phrase to rank for is one that has at least a thousand but less than thirty thousand searches in google. This will ensure that you are not using keyword phrases that have too much competition but you will have ones that are being searched for which is important to drive enough traffic to your website or clients website.

Some people think that article marketing is old hat but if used correctly you can soon build backlinks and drive lots of traffic to a website or squeeze page very effectively. If you do this for offline businesses they will be very impressed and trust you to help them to market their businesses.

To find out more about how effective article marketing can still be, even in 2019, please visit my website which shows you my system and how I get thousands of views for many articles within just a few hours.