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Safari in Tanzania: Some Hints for tourist

Tanzania has dedicated almost a quarter of its land to game reserves and national parks and therefore, tourism is its biggest draw, attracting nearly 800,000 visitors every year. Keeping this in brains, both government agencies and secret entrepreneurs have pulled out all stops to create Tanzania a dream destination for visitors from the African continent as well as international tourists.To know more about tanzania tours you can check online.

To make your vacations ideal, it's important to keep some things in mind before and during your trip:




Accommodation: Whether you're in a tented campsite or a luxury lodge, keep in mind that except you've chosen to live close to a big city, your site is essentially miles away from urban facilities like the Internet, your cell-phone may not work and there's no TV. Electricity in mainly camps and lodges is through generators, and lights-out is quite early. Bathroom facilities may not be what you're used to and water conservation is practiced in most camps and lodges.

Climate: Tanzania enjoys temperate climate in the northern area and it gets hotter towards the south and the coast. Year-long sunshine is assured but there are two major rainy seasons: April-May (Long) and November-December (Short). Make sure you plan your holiday based on this and carry the suitable clothing.