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Basic Information Regarding BOC 3 Process Agents

There are several paperwork which needs to get completed when you are applying for a freight broker or motor carrier authority. They may get overwhelming whether it involves the application of a loan for a commercial truck or actually getting your operation to become legal. All the required forms might get you confused but each of them are important.

The instructions posted on the website of government agencies sometimes are not helpful with this and can be confusing to follow. An example of this is the form for BOC 3 process agents which is required when operating at several locations as a freight broker or motor carrier. This is due to you not probably having a physical presence at each state you operate.

You are required by the FMCSA to have a process agent designated at each state where you are going to operate your business. Designate agents in all states where you would be operating except the one where you currently are located physically. But most businesses are designating also on those they do not have an operation yet in case they expand.

This is because the form is filed once and have the same price no matter the number of states you include in it. That is why it is better to designate an agent in each state ahead of time so you will not have the need of filing them again. And this saves you money because every time you file another form, you must pay the fee again.

Process agents are registered entity or person which are typically an attorney or in a similar profession that has been designated to receive the legal notices in your behalf. They should have a physical location or office maintained in the state where they represent you. And they must also be open during the normal business hours.

Two ways are available in filing the form and the first one is through completing it yourself and finding an agent for each state. Another is by utilizing blanket process agency which has a network of agents maintained in all states. They file the forms in your behalf and ask only a small fee for it.

If you need this kind of service for your business then search for agencies offering them using the internet. You can also ask for suggestions from colleagues, relatives and friends who have required their services for their operations. They would tell you of their experiences in working with them which helps in narrowing down your choices.

You could also visit several review sites to learn more about these agencies and see the opinions of others regarding their services. These reviews are found on websites where their clients could write their thoughts concerning the service they received from them. Reading these reviews are helpful in making your choice on which one to hire easier.

Inquire how much does it cost to get their services. Ask also how much is the fee for letting them file the forms for you. Inquire on what other charges do they apply on certain tasks.