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Buying Best Face Lotion

On what parameters do you select the best face lotion? This is one among the several questions which many of them do not have an answer for.

At the same time, you may come across a few of them who pick the face lotion depending on the popularity, beauty of the packing or even the celebrities who do the advertising campaign. Do you think is the right way to choose the best skin care product?

There are several misconceptions you might have already heard about leaving you confused as to what can be depended upon and why. You have reached the right place to give you the perfect answer to your trouble of separating the fact from that of the fiction. 

You will be very strong with the point that you have enough knowledge about face lotions as you see visible and immediate results while using the best or the costly and well popular ones available in the market. You can visit to know more about best skin lotion.


But do you know this is just nothing other than mere fiction. It will surely give you results that will make you surprised in just a few days. You never realize the truth until years later you get to see the damage that has caused to the skin with regular usage of these chemical filled products.

Have you ever thought about the possibility to get glowing skin without any natural ingredients to work well with the skin? There are several common chemicals used in these so called best face lotions and they include mineral oil, petrolatum, glycerin, isopropyl myristate, fragrances, dyes, trietholamine, alcohol etc.

The truth is that these are just mere chemicals and form the smoothie texture remaining as a thin coat along the outer surface. There are also studies that state these chemicals to get into the bloodstream resulting in severe and fat illnesses like cancer.