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Ingredients Commonly Used in Mineral Based Cosmetics

Mineral makeup is not a new concept in fact it has been in the market for several decades. This kind of makeup products is usually used by women who want to achieve a natural look or do not wish to use chemical based products. The main thing that makes mineral based cosmetics different from conventional makeup is that it is free from fragrance, artificial colors, chemicals and parabens.

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Below are some ingredients that are commonly used in mineral makeup:

  • Biron MTU Powder

It is a type of powder used in cosmetic products. The main purpose of using this powder is to give a brighter and whiter look apart from that it also helps in providing coverage, a lustrous and smooth look. It is usually used in blushes, eye shadows, foundations, face powders and other products. It can also be used with pearlescent mica to make DIY mineral cosmetics at home.

  • Iron Oxides

Another common ingredient used in best mineral makeup is iron oxides. The main advantages of using iron oxide are that it is not toxic and provides a natural color. It is usually used in foundations, eye shades and blushes.

  • Magnesium Stearate

It is also a kind of powder that is used in cosmetics for thickening and binding purposes. It also works as an anti-caking and gelling agent. It is usually used in creams, foundations and blushes. The main benefit of Magnesium stearate is that it provides with adhesion to cosmetics and is easy to apply.

These are some of the commonly used ingredients in mineral based cosmetics.

Reasons for using Organic Sunscreens

Sunscreens have become a part of our daily routine. Whether it’s going to the mall or to a party, sunscreens have become a must for everyone; men, women and children, regardless of their age. However, with more and more people switching to an organic lifestyle, organic sunscreens have also experienced an increase in demand. Here are some reasons why you too should switch to organic sunscreen.


  • Reactions

Conventional sunscreens have been known to cause irritations, redness and allergic reactions, when used for prolonged periods of time, or when applied heavily. Such skin reactions, in many cases, can cause skin damage, if untreated. Since sunscreens are often labelled “medicated”, they are never considered to be the problem. Organic sunscreens, in comparison, are skin friendly.

  • Cancer Causing

Most sunscreens have chemicals that are absorbed into the skin, and act like oestrogen. Oxybenzone and PABA are among them, and can cause the development of cancerous growths. Since sunscreens are considered harmless, we don’t check their labels. Organic sunscreens do not have such chemicals in them, and therefore are much safer for you and your family. 

  • Sun friendly

While the sun is blamed largely for skin cancer, people often do not realize it is the best source for vitamin D. Organic as well as cruelty free make up brands are sun friendly and skin friendly, allowing your skin to absorb vitamin D, while protecting it from harmful UV rays. Mineral sunscreen often include zinc, which make these sunscreens more effective.

This information is not commonly known, but is reason enough for you to switch to natural alternatives.

Make-Up Tips For The Gym

Not everyone goes to the gym fresh faced. Several women want to look their best even when they are shedding off the fat. When doing so it is important to keep a few things in mind.

Below are some make-up tips for the gym:



When you are going to the gym you will obviously sweat due to exercise, running or dancing, so it is considered best to start your make-up with a primer. Face primers help smooth out your skin and help your make-up last longer. It is preferred to apply primer because it creates a barrier between the foundation and your skin, so it helps make-up stay on naturally without damaging your skin.


It is advised to wear a lighter foundation formula when going to the gym. Heavy and cakey foundation can combine with sweat and highlight lines on your face leading to cracks and layers of melted off foundation. It is advised that you use a water-based foundation so it does not clog or block pores and it can be applied on smoothly. If you love to wear mineral makeup foundation, try dusting it lightly with a powder. It is ideal to keep a travel sized kabuki brush and foundation pot in your gym bag if you have to touch up after your workout.

 Lip and Cheek Stain

The gym is not the right place for either lipstick or blush, you will eventually blush when your body starts to pump up. Secondly it gets annoying when you hair keeps sticking to your lip gloss, hence, best to go without it.

These are few that one should keep in mind while doing make-up for gym or workout.