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Its time to make the switch


Tired of the cakey feeling on your skin throughout the day? What about that clogged and heavy feeling you face daily?

No you don't need to be makeup free to let your skin breathe. What you have to do is use the correct ingredients that work for you. The next time you are at any drugstore or any high end makeup store make sure to do your skin a favour by browsing on the ingredients list at the back of the product or even find out about mineral makeup!

Benefits of mineral makeup over others

You will notice that mineral makeup has zinc oxides, iron oxides, titanium dioxides, mica, etc., as their key ingredients. Researchers have found these ingredients to actually be good for the skin in the long run. They are known to act as sunscreens with certain SPF, not cause any allergic reaction on the skin and are also known to not make acne worse.

Furthermore, they do not use any harmful waxes, fragrances or harmful preservatives that keep your skin feeling light and protect it. Many dermatologists recommend this as it is not overly expensive had has a wide price range from which a consumer can chose from based on their pocket! At the same time its availability is also becoming larger and is easily available to the masses.

Mineral makeup might prove to be a much better option for frequent makeup users as it would save their skin from dryness and other skin issues at the latter part of their lives.

Guidelines For Buying Eco-Friendly Make-Up

Most renowned brands now deal in eco-friendly makeup as well. But it does not end there. You have to go through the same rigorous process to find that perfect product for you as you would with regular makeup as far as the colors are concerned. Here are some guidelines for buying eco-friendly make-up:



The main focus of make-up brands is to make packaging look attractive enough to make customer reach out for the products. Make-up packed in a non-recyclable plastic bottle, box or tube is not eco-friendly. Try to select products which have simple glass packaging or container instead of plastic tube or bottle. If you use make-up products with glass containers, you can easily reuse glass containers for other purposes.

Lip colour

As lip gloss or color is directly applied on lips, there is a chance that you unintentionally end up swallowing some of product or lip gloss every time you use it. Try to buy lip colours from a vegan cosmetic brand rather than a contemporary make-up range.  Organic or vegan lip colours are made from plant extracts instead of synthetic oils, paraffin wax or artificial dyes.  

Eye shadow

Pressed eye shadows are often preferred by women. They get the option to select a specific brand that provides with refills of eye shadow and also with a casing that can easily be refilled. In this way consumers save their time and money as well.


Mascara is one of the most essential make-up products. As it is applied so near to the eyes, it is important to ensure that it does not contain harmful chemicals. It is preferred that consumers use organic mascaras as they are made from natural products instead of petroleum based products.

These are a few guidelines that should be kept in mind while shopping for make-up.