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Tornado Safety Tips Before The Storm

Even though the best number of tornadoes happens in April, May, and June, tornadoes may happen at any time of the year, night or day. Luckily everybody has the opportunity to live a tornado. The keys to success are action and preparedness.

In the event that you and your loved ones are ready beforehand, you will have the ability to take the essential action steps to endure a tornado and its aftermath. Below are a few advice and tools that will help prepare you and your loved ones to get a duvet and keep you safe. Get to know more about hurricane shelters via

While we rely heavily on tech and weather alarms today, there are a number of indications that Mother Nature supplies prior to a tornado. They are:

1. Green sky/clouds;

2. Hail;

3. Flying debris;

4. Low-lying cloud using a turning;

5. Stillness and silent; and

6. The noise of a freight train coming on your own neighborhood.

Tornado safety tips prior to the storm

1. Be ready — Tornadoes can hit at any time, 365 days per year, without warning. Ensure that your family understands your plan of actions if a tornado warning is issued to your community.

2. Practice, practice, practice — Being ready for a tornado is simply the first step in keeping your loved ones safe. If you do not practice the actions which you put in position, fear and injury could happen.

Take the chance to practice together with your loved ones. If you understand your kid's college is running a tornado drill, then take the chance that same day to practice in your home. Additionally, ask your household questions about your strategy and distinct facets of a tornado, like the indications of severe weather and also in which to take refuge.