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Top Questions About Worldwide Brands

Late last year, I wrote a detailed and quite extensive Worldwide Brands review, but I really only talked about the good points of Worldwide Brands and none of the negatives associated with it.  Since then I've received a few questions about the price and slow process of buying through WWB's suppliers – so I'm going to answer them in this post.

Why is Worldwide Brands so expensive?

Worldwide Brands membership costs $299 – there's a $50 discount, but even with that it's nearly $250 which is a lot of money for a list of products.

It's worth the investment for many though – having promoted the product myself, I can confirm that about 90% of members do not refund that joining fee, so must be satisfied.

But the truth is that for most people and new online businesses, what Worldwide Brands offers is just not worth the money – if you have the time but not the cash, you can find and test suppliers yourself.

Is it inconvenient having to contact each supplier individually?

Yes, it is a bit – but at least you get to build a relationship with them and negotiate down prices, which can have a really positive impact on your business in the long term as many other re-sellers will not bother with this and go for saturated but easy niches on DHGate and Ali Express instead.

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