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Why Use MRE Meals?

MRE meals are meals ready to eat. They are an ideal meal to take on hiking trips, camping and for doomsday preppers. Thanks to their lightweight portability they are easy to store and easy to pack for hiking and camping as well as for other times when you need to have some food on hand.

Many people buy them by the case. You can buy a variety flavor case or all one flavor and mix and match what you pack.

Since they are so lightweight even the youngest family member can carry his or her share in their own backpack. 

Originally developed by the military, the MREs have launched out into the civilian sector. Today, there are many great wholesale companies that sell MREs both online and in brick and mortar stores.

MREs are an ideal nutritional package with everything you need for a healthy meal all in the same package. They range from 600 calories to 2000 calories depending on the kind that you've purchased.

Another great benefit to MREs is that you can heat them up with a flameless heat source that comes with them. In just 10 minutes you can go from a lightweight MRE package to a healthy, nutritious hot meal.

Another great way to utilize MREs is for boy scout trips, girl scout trips, and church youth groups. After a long day hiking, it's nice to have a quick meal and no one has to stress over building a campfire in areas where it's not advisable. 

The more you buy the more you save and MREs offer a great value and a healthier alternative to fast food. Ready in just minutes, anyone can add a few tablespoons of water to these and activate the heat pack.

Military Grade MREs vs. Civilian Grade: Which is Right for You?

There are many reasons someone might want to invest in a stock of MREs. They are a fast and easy meal when hiking in the woods, which can make feeding yourself on a camping or hunting trip a snap. Others just like to be prepared, whether it be for a mountain retreat, an urban emergency, or to stash inside a 72-hour emergency bag. 

But if you've ever shopped for MREs, you know there are some options to consider. MREs – Meals Ready to Eat – are military grade meals that can be opened and eaten without preparation, though they sometimes come with FRHs-Flameless Ration Heaters, such as 1300XT. These heaters will activate with the addition of a tiny amount of water, and heat an MRE entree packet as hot as you could want it. 

These MREs are shipped to wherever military forces may be serving, whether it be on the battlefield, at field exercises, or on other types of deployment. Sometimes unused MREs are sold at surplus auctions, and those who are purists enjoy picking these up whenever they can, often at a discount. The companies who manufacture MREs also now make civilian grade MREs available to the general public, but there are some differences to be aware of. 

Though military grade meals may not be offered in the same variety of flavors and foods as the civilian MREs, they do tend to come with more satisfying amounts of food, because they are designed to meet the needs of an active soldier. You'll get an entree, bread item, a spread for your bread, a snack, a beverage mix, and a little dessert. You can also expect an accessory kit with instant coffee, powdered creamer, a napkin, a spoon, and a condiment kit that includes salt and pepper. You should have everything you need in one kit, although the FRH may be optional. 

The military grade MREs also last a lot longer than most civilian brands. And since the civilian MREs are often composed of various components pulled from incomplete MRE kits, you may not always get a full meal in one packet. 

So if your main goal is stockpiling a case of quick, easy, and complete meals, that will fill you up and keep you going, military grade MREs may be what you're looking for.