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Swim with the Gentle Giant in Oslob Cebu

Whale sharks are regularly spotted in Oslob Cebu as they deliberately swim around and even get along with fisher folks. The Whale Sharks are the largest mammal on the planet that feeds only in planktons, small squids, krills, macroalgae, and vertebrae. The whale shark is very gentle that they don’t mind their surroundings.

Tan-awan Oslob is located at the southeast part of Cebu and about 3-4 hours from the Cebu City depending on the traffic. It is advisable to leave Cebu as early as 4 AM to arrive at the place with fewer people and to avoid the busyness of the place. The snorkeling fee for the whale sharks is inclusive of the lifejackets and snorkels but if you’re concerned with your hygiene, you can bring your own snorkeling set. If you’re are greatly afraid of the deep blue, you can just have your lifejacket on and if you want to swim deeper then you should really take your lifejacket off. We highly advise you to bring a first-aid kit as well because some corals are a bit sharp that may cause small cuts.

The fees for whale shark tours differs for locals and foreigners. For the locals with snorkeling, it will cost 500 Pesos and 1000 Pesos for foreigners. While watching only costs 300 Pesos for locals and 500 Pesos for the foreigners. We advise you to go on a weekday because of the tight quarters on the whale shark watching area. You should bring your own snorkel, you can purchase it before going there. The hygiene standards are not regulated. Don’t put sunblock because it’s not allowed instead wear a rashguard for your protection from the sun. Don’t touch or ride the whale sharks. This is the most obvious rule that you should do since that they’re considered as an endangered species. Lastly, you should bring your own underwater camera because nothing would be better than to have photos with these gigantic creatures.

The Beauty of Kawasan Falls in Cebu

We simply can’t fall in love with the beauty of Cebu. Cebu is simply breathtaking because it is the best of both words. As the first Spanish settlement, Cebu holds the some the country’s most iconic heritage spots. And as one of the top most beautiful cities,Cebu offers the beauty of nature from coast to coast. If you ever find yourself in the southern tip of the city, have the adventure of your life and book for Kawasan Tour Package.


Badian Kawasan Falls is located at the Southern tip of Cebu and is approximately 100 kilometers away from the city proper, Cebu City. This would take around 3 to 3 and a half hour bumpy drive to finally arrive at Kawasan Falls. The journey going to these majestic beauty surely surpasses the destination. Because when you finally reach Kawasan, you would simply fall in love to its beauty.  Kawasan Falls is a three-tiered cascade falls of crystal clear and glimmering mountain spring water that  is situates in the middle of lush green mountains full of  tropical plant and trees. You can take a dip into their cold and refreshing spring water, ride a raft or simple enjoy its serene beauty, here at Badian, Cebu, Philippines.