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Important Parts Of Bending Tube

The roll bender comes with a LED digital display to monitor the bending roll, this system gives accuracy in the most bending roll.

The component uses the effective pyramid geometry with reduced rolls driven and fixed in position and the top roll adjustable to acquire different bending diameters. Common tooling provided in many parts permits bending of most standard sections/profiles. If you are interested in reading more about bending parts then you can browse

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Standard features

  • LED Digital Display to track top roster
  • Hardened universal rolls, the new layout more versatile
  • 3-way adjustable lateral guides
  • Heavy duty cast steel foot pedals with e-stop
  • Disappearing flush-faced design
  • Automatic top roll locking pin for Simple tooling replace
  • Higher rolling rate and heavier machine weights
  • Low voltage controllers
  • Thermal motor overload protection
  • Optional Equipment

 Best roll position is corrected by way of a lever handle and the lower rolls are fixed. Bottom rolls can be dropped in fast, along with the top roll is fixed in place with the keyed shaft on the handle. With its durable dual side plate design, this system can handle amazingly large material for large radius work. Outstanding machine for the decorative, racing, and handrail market.

It is also used in the construction of pipes in construction, the aluminum tube comes in 2 forms: soft and rigid. Where the latter is used to make refrigerant lines in HVAC systems and heat pumps, rigid aluminum tubing is suited to develop cold and hot water pipes. Copper is a malleable and flexible metal with resistance to corrosion due to water and minerals from the soil.