Which Way Should Your Ceiling Fans Rotate?

If you have a spin ceiling fan and you wonder which way it should rotate then read on. You might want to know which way it should go for winter and which way it should go for summer?

There is an easy way to know which way your spin ceiling fans should rotate and it is easy to adjust your fan to figure it out and make it go the way you want.

In summer, you want the air to be a cooling breeze so you want your spin ceiling fan to blow down. In winter, you don’t want a draft, you want your fan to pull the heat up and then come down the sides of your room and circulate around you.

If you look carefully at your fan, you will find that there is a switch to change the direction it should rotate in. The switch reverses the direction of the fan blades. You may have read that clockwise rotation is for winter and counterclockwise is for summer.

However, all fans are not the same, perhaps your fan blades are not installed the same way as the person’s who gave that advice to you. What you can do though is to turn your fan on high and feel if it blows down on you. If the breeze is blowing on you that is the summer setting. If the fan is pulling the air up and blowing up, that is the winter setting. Generally, clockwise for winter, counterclockwise for summer but all fans are not created equal as stated before. So, check out how your fan feels for you and that is the correct way your fan should rotate.

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