Things You Should Know About A Brentwood Mattress

The Brentwood home bamboo gel 13 inch mattress was designed with those suffering from joint pain in mind. Memory foam is known for its ability to offer the combination of support and comfort that can be ideal for minimizing painful pressure points. This is because the heat from your body softens the mattress in the appropriate areas.

Brentwood sources high quality materials and hand crafts their products from start to finish in California using environmentally responsible processes. Now if you have been a longtime fan of memory foam and that sinking in feeling that they are well known for, is something you would personally enjoy. So whether you’re looking for a pressure relief or you are interested in the benefits natural materials offer in a sleep product, you will be able to find both in a Brentwood mattress.

If you break a Brentwood mattress down to see its components, you might end up getting addiction for it. The cover is composed of New Zealand wool and this offers a number of benefits. Wool responds very well to cleaning as moisture makes the fibers swell and really stir. And it’s naturally flame retardant. You can also enjoy the fact that it has good breathability, durability, elasticity and overall resilience.

Now it’s what’s under the cover however that can be easy to overlook as you shop. Brentwood offers a hybrid product which strategically combines various foam types to offer a medium firm mattress that is suitable for the majority of shoppers. Beneath the cover is a three and a half inch layer of gel memory foam. The gel beads that you can see in the material work to absorb body heat and help you sleep cool.

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