Can You Preserve Flowers With Resin?

Creating a rigid form out of thin delicate shape, like flower, can be extremely challenging. But, there are several new coating products that work better than any other. You can apply resin to many different kinds of surfaces from 3D printed parts to fabrics for creating clear, smooth, firm result.

You may be interested in this process for all kinds of different applications such as, creating jewelry and fashion pieces, you could use it to form sculptural elements for home decor, fine art or even creatively displaying your bridal bouquet.

What you need to do is get a liquid resin coating product that has been designed specifically for flower preservation. Click here for a range of preserved flowers to get an idea. This liquid coating is really easy to mix since it has a super low viscosity. It is possible to color this material with tints also to change the appearance of your flower. You are only going to need a small amount to coat your entire flower.

To make sure you have it completely covered, you could sometimes wrap the flower stem with aluminum foil as well to hold the leaves back temporarily, so the resin doesn’t drop on to them by accident. You will see the high gloss on the surface itself. And it is going to retain that glossy quality after the material cures.

By turning it upside down you can let some of the excess resin drip off easily. Then you can turn it upright to take its final shape. As you have it upside down, you are going to apply a little bit more material to these delicate leaves to add additional support so it does not significantly deform the rose petal shape with the weight of the resin. You can leave this and allow it to cure for hours to perfectly take on this form with only one coat of resin.

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