Why Does Foot Reflexology Hurt?

Foot reflexology is an old healing modality that involves applying pressure to specific areas of the feet called reflexes. These reflexes stimulate the corresponding organ or body part that they are linked to. If you haven't tried reflexology before, follow this link to schedule an appointment in Tucson, AZ.

Tender reflexes can determine an area of the body that is out of balance and in need of support. You can consider reflexology as the nudge the body needs to self-correct.

Every body has the ability to heal. Without the ability to repair and rebuild, we wouldn't be able to survive. Sometimes due to stress or other factors, imbalances can occur in the body that affect our health. Reflexology helps to correct these imbalances by stimulating the body's natural healing and restorative processes. 

Reflexology is not used to diagnose or treat disease. There is no diabetes reflex, but there is a pancreas reflex. Having a tender pancreas reflex does not mean you have diabetes. Reflexology doesn't focus on disease diagnosing or treatment, rather it focuses on restoring balance and supporting the body's healing ability so that the body can correct itself. 

Tender reflexes are merely a signal that an area is stressed. Stress is a part of life, but too much can cause imbalances. You can get stressed at work, and your organs, joints, and muscles can get stressed too. Stimulating the stressed reflex by applying pressure helps release the stored stress, just as doing a meditation or taking a peaceful walk alleviates work related stress.

The more stressed an area or organ is in the body, the more it's associate reflex on the foot will be tender. The state of health of the body is reflected on the feet. A stress-free body is rare, and as such a foot without tender reflexes is rare too. Most people will have a tender reflex somewhere on their foot. In fact, having zero tender reflexes would be an exeption to the norm. If someone has no tender reflexes one week, they may have several the next week, as everyone's state of health fluxuates almost daily.

If you have tender reflexes, fear not. A sore reflex is not a death sentance. It is only a sign of stress elsewhere in the body. Having reflexology done is a great way to manage and reduce stress in the body, which will ultimately supports well-being.

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