Automatic Door Control System

Figuratively speaking, the control like the automatic doors in the houses, which experienced a comparable circuit into the microprocessor by the simulation creation process.

Modern digital program control to the automatic sliding door at the control and application of most elements of a qualitative leap. The next discussion on the control integrated circuit control is principally based on a variety of purposes.

System status parameters ascertained the control must be able to correct the automated doors of running, such as opening speed, closing speed, to maintain on time, closed strength. The automatic sliding door of the high-end works can be adjusted up to 30 species. Know more about door shock sensor (Also known as “เซ็นเซอร์ช็อกประตู” in the Thai language) from online websites.

What is involved here isn’t made for emergency work from automatic doors. Channels such as fire doors, emergency doors, automatic doors could be opened, but instead in a state of emergency (power outage condition) of their automatic doors in public places, as stated by fire safety requirements should generally be able to preserve the power switched on or could be easily opened manually.

So that emergency personnel can seamlessly flee the arena. Automatic doors have a high-end switch to set off whenever the door is shut when power.

Installation of automatic door locks has lots of mechanical flaws. Step one is to decrease the amount of automation, the more annoyance to users, in large public places, can’t achieve centralized control. Find more about door handles viaมือจับดึง/559cba1272e4f22c27dc3d4f.

One of the most serious is that when as a result of abuse or alternative causes inside the door has been opened before the power, door detector signal after the motorist door will form over-load.

The significant motor may be burned off. In isolated regions of premium external ecological conditions (such as sealed workshop) at the entrance to the setup of dual automatic sliding door usually.In order to prevent two doors accessible simultaneously, each string will be produced usable conditions, that’s just if one door closes another door to start. In the past to achieve that particular function.

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