Web Design – Three Simple Steps to Follow

1. Flashy Pages: Undesirable Distractions

Almost all of the web designers feel the necessity to make stylish splash page. The splash page produces a barrier that prevents net users in their path. It also compels them to create the unnecessary choice of whether to push ahead to your home page or to depart from your site forever. All these "site stinks" are normally brief ton pictures that showcase the internet designer's flash design ability set, nevertheless offer you the internet user nothing but a diversion. You can go to http://www.avenuemedia.ae/ to get more information on web designing.

Web Design - Three Simple Steps to Follow


2. Banners: Less is More

If it comes to the strategic positioning of banner ads, the old proverb "less is more" must be applied to web design. A single successful banner ad is more rewarding and beneficial than a whole group of banner ads that get nominal click-through. The tougher it is to procure one banner ad space, the more attractive it becomes to advertisers. It is ideal to attempt to fill the area with helpful content.

3. Navigation: Why is the Important Key?

The speediest Bike in the world is useless if nobody knows to push it. The same is true for websites. Site owners may decide to invest tens of thousands in web design, logo design, flash design, splash pages, amazing animations along with an entire slew of other decorative goodies to make the website seem fantastic, but when internet users can't navigate around the website in order to absorb the content or buy goods, then the entire site fails to realize its targets.

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