Various Types of camping tents

When you are looking for a tent for your camping trips, you need to think about how the tent will be carried, the way it will be used, how can it be set up and the number of people sleeping in the tent. The article below will offer you information about the various styles of tents to help decide which tent is most suitable for your camping trip. You can get more detail about tents via

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Dome Tents – These are common and popular styles and generally include a fabric tent and plastic tent poles or fiberglass that glide in the fabric through sleeves. Poles offer rigidity to the tent and are shaped by the fabric. They can be set up and collapsed easily, are lightweight and provides plenty of comforts and headroom. Yet, in high winds, they can get quite unstable.

Frame Tents – These are considered older, conventional style of tent. The frame is formed by steel or aluminum poles, over which the tent fabric, generally canvas, is draped. Recent styles make use of synthetic or cotton fabric and fiberglass frames. These tents can have a complex design, offering plenty of room inside the tent. Please note that frame tents are not always easy to set up.

These tents are great “settling in” tents and in most cases include a porch area for shelter and shade. Windows are also available with some models. You can easily stand in these tents as they are comfortable and roomy.

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