Interesting Things about Lithium Batteries

A battery is essentially stored chemical energy that’s converted into usable power once the battery terminals are connected through a substance that can transfer(run ) and permit both metals to react. Like Nickel and Cadmium at a NiCad battery life.

Basically, the total amount of energy that you get (volts) depends upon how much “chemical reaction” you’ll get between the two metals. If you want to know more about energy storage solutions then click right here.


It’s because of this that Lithium batteries would be the “latest and greatest” thing because powdered milk.

Lithium is an extremely reactive alkali metal. Lithium will literally respond if left in wet, open air. Combining with all the hydrogen from the water molecules at the air it’ll turn out of a whitish metal into some dark tarnish before your eyes.

That’s the reason why when lithium is saved in it’s pristine state, in is kept under oil to keep it out of responding.

Lithium’s exceptionally reactive characteristic can also be a drawback in the battery manufacturing business. Lithium batteries in computers possess”sparked” due to the high reactivity.

┬áDell Computers lately had a huge notebook battery recall (this really computer I’m typing on was changed ). Lithium batteries give off a great deal of warmth and also have been proven to self-combust.

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