Hot Organic Baby Blankets

Baby departments in any store will have dozens and dozens of infant blankets to choose from. Designs, colors, sizes…you name it, and they'll have it. But, how many stores will sell top of the line organic baby blankets? The answer is not that many. That's unfortunate because parents who get these as baby gifts can tell the difference.  You can navigate here to get more detail about organic baby blankets.

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Organic new born blankets bring an added softness, not to mention peace of mind knowing your infant has a blanket made of completely safe products. If you want one for your baby or want to give one, here are some places to turn. Estella has made eco-friendly and organic baby products a lifestyle.

When you shop Estella, you'll not only find baby toys that are organic but a complete line of trendsetting organic baby blankets. The organic cotton "A" train lovely or baby security blanket is making a statement in so many ways.

First, let's take the design. This hand knit description of the New York City subway train is complete with big stuffed three-dimensional wheels. Colorful hand-stitched NYC graphics and a train logo make this organic baby blanket a must-have. Let's not forget that this blanket is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. This means there are no un-safe materials used to create this unique gift.

Stella McCartney Kids is also dedicated to selling trendsetting organic new born blankets that are good for the environment. The yarn of the cloud snowball blanket is made from organically grown cotton.

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