2018’s Most Popular Promotional Trends in Australia

We are already over half way through 2018 so let's take a look back at what has been trending from the back end of 2017 into this year in promotional products in Brisbane, Australia.

As always companies keep up with societal trends and this year is no different with novelty practical items making the cut.

The main upturn at the back of last year came from the more substantial marketing companies coupled with many fresh promotional clients indicating the industry is in good health.

All the classics have come out again this year, gifts of mugs and pens as always are strong sellers, but we are seeing new twists and innovations this year on old traditions.  The focus is not just about the gift; it's about carrying the logo and self-promotional marketing.

Eco-friendly is the buzzword in the industry right now as consumers look for businesses to do likewise, with metal drinking bottles selling well, copper lined and the primary factor being 're-useable' from 500ml to 1-litre bottles they were a hit with both consumers and marketers.

To prove a point about societal trends, one of the best selling gadgets this year has been the 'fidget cube'.  Local media has picked up on this; what used to be the executive toy sitting on the desk where the balls hit each other back-and-forth which was supposed to be a stress-reliever, (more of an annoyance to many), is set to be replaced by the fidget cube. The smart promotional product marketers have been quick to seize the opportunity for the demand.  Click here to find your local promotional companies Brisbane. Let's face it to be successful in the promotional product world you must take advantage of consumer and societal trends, apply them, and make them cool and available before your competition for your own brand development.

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